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I love when furries give me a call! It’s so cute to roleplay and act as if we were anthromorphic animals doing whatever we want! It’s having a different body and being able to play with this dark fetish together! Our cute ears and tails make for extra places to tug or nibble on one another while we are in the bedroom getting down with our primal instincts. The furry fetish is so fun to play because it gives us the chance to really use our imagination and go crazy! Roleplay phone sex already allows us to face no limits with what we want to do with each other, but when you throw in the furry fandom, suddenly sex becomes yiffing and who knows what other fun things might happen during our time together?

I love feeling like I am a soft, beautiful tigress from a far off tropical region. Long tail swaying regally out behind me, and my orange and black stripes only accenting my curves. Furry phone sex is so much fun!



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Forced Slave for Furry Phone Sex

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One thing I don’t get nearly enough is furry roleplay phone sex. I love yiffing with my fellow furries as we roleplay being in the anthromorphic body of an animal-human cross species. The idea is thrilling and I have one scene in particular that I have really, really been wanting to get a chance to play. I’d love to tell you all about my naughty fantasy, I love getting forced into things and being submissive to a dominant being. Although my fantasy is very taboo and really a dark fetish, I just get so turned on by the idea that I can’t ignore it any longer!

The scene is set as ancient Egypt. Our civilization is run by our people: Jackal anthros. There is a hierarchy as there is in every society, and I was at the top. I am young, fertile, a virgin. My father is the most important man in our lands; My father is the pharaoh. His face is the one looking down on our slaves as they work in the sun, erecting statues and building temples and pyramids in his honor all through the day.

To have me, to take my pureness is the highest honor. My father has been looking for a suitable match worthy of having me since the day I was born. He only wants the best for me, and for his grandson which I am to bear and prepare to one day take over the throne as Pharaoh. You are a high priest. You work for my father and walk the palace halls carrying out you assigned duties. Although the order of priests is sworn to celibacy, you aren’t very much like your brothers in priesthood. You seem to have such tainted thoughts on your mind. And it doesn’t seem to bother you at all. Except for the fact that you know you must satisfy this new and mysterious hunger. But with what?

Roaming through the living quarters one evening, you can see the flickering candlelight coming from my bedroom. The sheer curtains are pulled this way and that like the branches of a weeping willow caressing you as you come deeper into my room. The smell of orchids and a sweet, smoky smell reaches your nose, tempting you further within. When you part the final pieces of drapery, your breath hitches in your throat and already your cock begins to swell from behind your clothing.

There I sit, bathed in moonlight, a picture perfect specimen. My clothes are hardly considered decent as I was alone before you came in. My young, tight body calls to you as you feast on me with your eyes. My slender throat… you can already see the harsh, heavy metal collar you’re going to clamp around it. My tail twitches and you imagine it in your hand, you yanking on it as you violate and desecrate my purity. You will have me. You will keep me. Using you for your every desire. Forever. And my father would have his heir. Of that you would be certain. And I would be the vessel you dumped your seed into, fucking over and over until I was pregnant with your baby. My perfect pedigree ruined.

You step closer, the grin on your face growing all the while.

Oh please call me and tell me what you would do!



888 – 430 – 2010

Furry Sex Babe

Would you like to have your own personal furry pet? I can be your sexy kitty girl who will lick you from the top of your head down to your swollen dick head and all the way down to the tip of your toes. It doesn’t matter what animal your fursona is or what your fantasy involves furry phonesex can make it happen baby. If you’re like me and have been keeping all of your desires and furry sex wants to yourself it’s time to stop all of that and enjoy. This kitten wants to purr for you.

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