She is shy

She wants to be your furry fandom phone sex slut but she is so shy! She stands in front of you trembling with nothing on but a cute panty n bra set. Her body is covered in the silkiest shiniest fur you have ever seen. And all you can think is how badly you want to run your claws through it. She walks slowly over to you a lifts her muzzel up towards your and softly licks your fur. You instantly get hard as rock and your glorious cock stands at throwing attention! You reach in between her legs to find in between her Tufts of fur a soft wet welcome pussy just begging to be fucked? So you take her down on all fours and plunge your massive cock into her sweet furry pussy over s d over again. Until she starts to how with uncontrollable pleasure. Instantly you feel the gush of hot pussy juices running down you animal shaft as her Furryfandom  phone sex pussy squirts cum and on you. “Good girl”, you say to her! If you want to hear more call me.



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