furries? why furry

One thing I always get asked when I confess to people about being a furry is why? Or how did you come to like furry fandom? Some people who don’t have a clue about it and I can tell are just being jerks I say well why do you like sex? How did you know that you like sex? Seriously though I like it because it excites me, it turns me on. Just like seeing a sexy guy or girl would turn me on, thinking about being a kitty cat with fluffy fur and a tail can turn me on.

Here’s a secret that I don’t tell a lot of people close to me, but my fellow furries can probably understand. When I was a young girl I was absolutely terrified of people in animal like costumes. Trips to see the Easter Bunny may have been fun for most kids, for me it was nightmarish. Fear is closely related to arousal and somewhere as I grew older they two became intertwined in my brain. Furries in fur suits are still sometimes startling to me, even to see myself in one will startle me at first glance. Now though, I am older and I understand that they aren’t really abnormal sized animals, they’re people inhabiting animal suits and it’s a turn on. I don’t cream my panties over seeing Chucky Cheese the Rat or anything like that, but I am aroused a lot by furries in fur suits. I bet a psychiatrist would have fun with that one.

There you have it, the best I can tell as to why I like furries.



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